Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse

Regular price $220.00

The Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse made by the Buffalo Billfold Company is for a customer looking for something
practical and elegant. You’ve found the second largest purse we make
which features an interior divider and a full-length exterior divided
pocket. Using these pockets, you can easily store your phone, card case,
etc…. The purse is adorned with a genuine buffalo nickel on the front
pocket and hand-lacing on the gusset. We go to great additional expense
to put a finish on the back side of this beautiful leather so we can
craft this purse entirely from American Buffalo leather. You won’t find
any fabric lining here because it wears out too quickly! Handcrafted by
our skilled leather smiths, the Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse is Made in
America and built to last.