Trim Style Purse Buffalo Applique Purse

Regular price $190.00

Comfort and usability are front of mind in the design of our buffalo
leather Trim Style Purse. Customers love how this purse sits flush
because of our unique design. The purse straps are fastened to the back
rather than on the centerline of the gusset, giving it the ability to
get closer to your body. This leather purse has a wonderfully sleek feel
and features a buffalo leather applique.

Our leather goods are
durable, and this purse is no exception. You’ll find we’ve handcrafted
the Trim Style Purse from American Bison leather and thick thread.
Because we finish the back side of this beautiful leather we can craft
it entirely from buffalo leather. No fabric lining; it wears out far too
quickly! You can easily adjust the strap length using the smart looking
solid brass buckle attached to the leather strap.

Customers appreciate this medium size purse since it allows them to easily hold their buffalo leather wallet or other items. Inside, you’ll find two interior pockets; one for a
cell phone and the other containing a vinyl card case. Since you carry
keys and coins, this Trim Style Purse sports a snap out leather key ring
and snap coin pocket. The Trim Style Purse is our best selling medium
sized purse. Made in America at the Buffalo Billfold Company.